What is Reiki?

Reiki is a technique of channeling and transmitting vital energy through the laying on of hands, which is used to obtain peace and balance on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. That is to say: it harmonizes and balances the chakras of your body.

What is
a Reiki Session?

Reiki is channeled by the Practicioner or Master and sent to the client through the Practicioners hands. The client is fully clothed and lying down on a massage table. The Reiki Practicioner places the hands on different areas of the client’s body and sends the energy by genlty placing the hands directly on the area or slightly away from the area. The Practicioner becomes a vessel for Reiki energy, which flows through or her body and is administered into the client’s body and energy field. 

A session lasts usually between 45-60 minutes but it could be shorter or longer. Reiki treats the whole being, physical body, energetic body, mind, emotions, and spirit, creating a balance and many beneficial effects. Some of the effects you might experience are complete relaxation of the body and the mind, feelings of wellbeing, Some clients might sense the energy in the form of a pleasant heat or tingling in the hands, feet or other areas of the body. Reiki treatment is very effective and some have called it miraculous too.

Benefits of receiving Reiki

The benefits of Reiki are varied and could be summed up as reducing physical and emotional pain by unblocking blocked ki energy. We will detail some of the various benefits that are attributed to this practice:
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Releases stress and provides muscle, ailment, and inflammation relief.
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Balances breathing in cases of stress and through energetic recalibration, it improves the energy of the subtle bodies.
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Goes beyond acting on the symptom into a deeper level of treatment that does not create dependency nor does it intervene in the function of any pharmacological treatment.
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Assists to reconcile relaxing dreams while combatting insomnia through the restoration of harmony and internal balance.

Reiki Sessions in
the Quartz Bed

If you experience ...


Depression, emotional problems or traumas.


Such as Atrophy, Dystrophy, Fibromyalgia, Sciatica, Lumbago, Tendinitis, among others.


Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Fractures, Gout, and Sprains.


Such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Epilepsy, Anorexia, Depression, Stress, Panic Attacks, Exhaustion, Hyperactivity, Attention Deficity, among other.


Such as Spondylitis, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, Psoriasis, Cancer, among others.


It helps abandon bad habits of smoking, alcoholism, drugs, and other addictions.

You can now improve your
health with Reiki

Distance Reiki is a technique that allows you to send healing energy to people anywhere in the world.
We can also send this healing energy to events in the present, past and future.
One of the most difficult aspects for the “uninitiated” in the world of Reiki to believe is the fact that Reiki can be sent from a distance, crossing both the barriers of time and physical space.

Quantum physics has scientifically proven that the ancient foundations of Reiki and distance healing are completely real and effective.
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